Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MSNBC's Racist Tweet Inside

MSNBC Tweets Racist Comment Toward Conservatives


When liberals can't win a battle over ideas they resort to disgusting smear tactics and attack American bi-racial couples! That is exactly what MSNBC did today with a tweet that I take special exception to.

As someone who is part of a biracial family I find this tweet especially outrageous and offensive. This tweet by an "established" news outlet was meant to incite and bring out the worst in people and politics.

MSNBC has deleted the tweet, apologized and dismissed the person responsible but this is just another incident in a long line of similar "accidents".

The sting from these hateful comments linger long after they are deleted and they will live on the internet forever. As conservatives we must NEVER stoop so low. Donate to the Contract From America today and let's band together to speak loudly with a message that looks to bridge divides not create them!

Part of the Contract From America's mission is to bring people of all backgrounds together around the principles that make us as a nation unique. Efforts to divide us will not be tolerated and they will not be successful.

We condemn racist comments of all kinds and we will expose the left's efforts to paint us as dastardly villains worthy of such remarks. Donate right now and help continue to promote a brighter future for all Americans!

In Freedom,

Ryan Hecker
Chief Executive Officer
Contract From America

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