Friday, February 21, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson Announcement

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Fellow American,

Dr. Ben Carson captivated the country when he spoke about the dangers of political correctness at last year's National Prayer Breakfast. Many Americans, myself included, thought "Finally! Someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth about the ills plaguing our country!" The fact that Dr. Carson did so in front of President Obama tells you one thing about him - he is fearless.

The good news is we'll be hearing a lot more from Dr. Carson. He is just the type of fearless leader that we need in the fight to replace Obamacare.

He has just begun serving as Chairman of American Legacy PAC's "Save Our Healthcare" Project – a nationwide, citizens' campaign aimed squarely at the President's signature achievement – Obamacare.

Stand with Dr. Carson and help to kick off this effort with a donation now.

Our goal is to reach out to every American concerned about Obamacare and elect a new generation of reformers that will begin the process of putting healthcare back into the hands of doctors and patients – not government.

We'll be reaching out in every way possible. Online, direct mail, TV, you name it. But, understand, in order to get this message out, we need your support. If you believe that Obamacare is destructive and want it replaced with free-market reforms, then we ask for your help. Your donation of $25, $50, $75, or more will help Dr. Carson spearhead this much needed 'Save our Healthcare' Project. More importantly, it will help in the effort to put healthcare back into the hands of doctors and patients.

The fight over Obamacare has been long and exhausting, and there have been many letdowns along the way. But it is a fight we must win.

In 2014, real change is within reach. Don't let anyone tell you different. Pro-Obamacare politicians are running away from the law as the American people begin to see it for what it is. Not only has it limited choice in healthcare options and resulted in massive increases in premiums and deductibles, it has also left millions without health insurance. We cannot let it stand. It's time for a new and better direction. Dr. Ben Carson is the right person to chair this project. Help him in this fight for your freedom with a donation of $25, $50, $75 or whatever you can afford.

We have a real opportunity to hold Washington accountable and rally the country around common-sense solutions that we can all be proud of. The time is now if we are going to renew our proud American legacy.

Please stand with Dr. Ben Carson and support the Save Our Healthcare Project with a donation now. Your support is vital and any amount helps.


Mike Murray
Founder & President
American Legacy PAC

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