Friday, March 21, 2014

Guess How Much Obama Spends On Ads...

$17 Million A MONTH For Obamacare Ads?


In case you weren't aware, President Obama REALLY wants you to sign up for Obamacare. So much so that he has spent a whopping $17 million a month on ads across America selling the plan.

Even after the billions upon billions of dollars that the President has already wasted on Obamacare and its numerous failures, he
seems to think the only way the American people will buy into the plan is if he continues to spend more!

This backwards logic is why getting rid of Obamacare is at the core of the Contract From America. As we look toward 2016, many Americans will have Obamacare at the center of their decision making for who to support as President Obama's successor. Will you?

Take the Contract From America and's 2016 poll and let us know!

This poll has already made national headlines and will let the whole country know who grassroots conservatives like yourself are pulling for in 2016. Don't wait, vote now!

Follow the image below to take our 2016 Presidential Poll!

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