Saturday, March 15, 2014

You won't believe what Obama said he is going to veto

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Dear Patriot,

The tyranny from the White House continues. Barack Obama is constantly abusing the presidential executive privilege on a daily basis. The president's job is to enforce law, not change it at his will! We must continue to work to hold him accountable to the Constitution.
We are thankful for members of Congress like Rep. Trey Gowdy from South Carolina. There are many in Congress who say all the right things, but are unwilling to put their action where their words are. Gowdy recently introduced the ENFORCE the Law Act which would allow legislators to sue agency officials if they refuse to enforce legally passed laws. This bill would also put the additional pressure of a lawsuit for his illegality and require Obama to follow the Constitution. I know. I know his role is already set up in the Constitution, but when you are dealing with a tyrant, you need to do everything you can to shed light on his corrupt tyranny!
Do you want to know what Obama's response has been to the threat of the ENFORCE the Law Act? The Dictator-in-Chief has said that he will veto it! We cannot let that stand and must continue to be a strong force to hold his Chicago-style thug life administration accountable!
Your voice matters. You must believe it matters. We are proud to serve as a voice of the people in Washington, DC. There was a time when those elected to serve us would simply do whatever the pleased without worrying about the public knowing. Those times are gone! We are paying attention; we will expose and fight their corruption; we will hold them accountable!
Your support will help us make sure the dream of our Founders stays in place. They dreamed of an America where freedom reigned. Don't let Obama continue to threaten that freedom. Your generous donation of $5, $10, $25, $50 or more will go a long way to battle Obama's corruption.
We ask that you consider making that donation a monthly donation in this fight against big government, Marxist tyranny. Between George Soros and the cronies in the unions, the left has deep pockets. Help us fight them and win.

Thank you,
Jennifer Burke
National Outreach Director

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