Monday, March 10, 2014

The President's most irresponsible yet...

New Year, Same Failed Policies


Last week, President Obama released his new budget - a bloated $3.9 trillion monstrosity that raises taxes by over $1 trillion and increases spending by $55 billion.

We've seen this game-plan before and time and time again we have seen it fail!

Taxing and spending our way out of debt is the completely wrong way to go about righting our fiscal ship. Outrage is palpable among conservatives across the nation and even Speaker Boehner called this President Obama's "most irresponsible budget yet."

At the grassroots level we too should be livid! Our children's future is being mortgaged by a President who REFUSES to curb his addiction to spending beyond his means.

The Contract From America was created to help break this addiction among members of both parties, to take us off the path of ruin and sky-high debt, and put us on the path to sustainability and balanced budgets.

We need you to join in this fight ASAP, before this budget goes to a vote and puts our nation on the brink of collapse.

Do we want our futures to look like that of Latin America or parts of Europe? Plagued by "elected" leaders who quickly turn into dictators, feasting on the dispair of a people crippled by a week economy that the government created?

This can happen to us, and yesterday's budget puts us on that road!

Donate to the Contract From America right now, help us recruit more candidates and hold our elected leaders responsible!

So what do you say? Will you sand up, speak out and fight with us?

Donate today!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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