Friday, June 20, 2014

MAJOR News Out Of Georgia!


There is an intense Senate race heating up in Georgia both in the Republican party and the general election in November. Thanks to your phone calls and activism in the state, Rep. Jack Kingston became the first candidate in this important race to sign the Contract From America!

This means that our message of limited government and adherance to our founding principles is getting across loud and clear. Now it is time for David Perdue and Michelle Nunn to follow suit and stand up for the values that made this country great.

Please continue your great work by calling or Tweeting at these candidates and telling them: Don't compromise on principle, sign the Contract From America today at!

David Perdue (Georgia Senate) 678-248-6444 @PerdueSenate
Michelle Nunn (Georgia Senate) 404-445-6700

The Contract From America isn't a simple pledge on some wedge issue, it is a document of fundamental principles that grassroots conservatives across America unite behind. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, the 10 pillars of the Contract From America are not only common sense but rooted in the Constitution.

Signing the Contract is easy so don't let the candidates duck you! Tell them to join Rep. Kingston, go to and help take back our country!

Thank you,
Ryan Hecker
Founder and President of the Contract From America

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