Monday, June 30, 2014

Pentagon's "war games" scenario coming true?

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Dear Reader,
A few years ago, an international finance expert was invited to a secure intelligence facility outside Washington.
He was participating in a multi-day "war games" simulation put on by the Pentagon.
The United States and various "enemies" would try to do as much damage to each other as possible.
But there was one rule...
For the first time ever, the only "weapons" they could use were financial.
No guns or bombs – just stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies... and gold.
Now, five years after the simulation, something similar is playing out in the real world.
It's an alarming situation that has the attention of top security agencies.
And it could be very damaging to your finances if you're not prepared.
Our firm has recently spoken to the expert who participated in the Pentagon's war games.  And we've put everything you need to know into a presentation, which you can view online by clicking here.
I highly recommend you watch this presentation as soon as possible.

There's no telling whether we might have to take this information offline.
Brian Hunt
Editor in Chief,
S&A Investment Research

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